I Asked, I Believe, Now What?

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The Law of attraction is based in three simple principles or steps – Asking, Believing, and Receiving.  The asking process might seem the easiest one, however, many times we ask the wrong way.  We ask from a place of lack, instead of visualizing clearly what we want.  To ask we just have to visualize our lives the way we want, or the object in our lives.  Believing is in my opinion, the hardest step, as we feel, talk, and act with the joy and conviction that what we asked for is already here, just waiting for us to receive it.  Now what?

Opening our arms to receive is the next step.  But as easy as it sounds, the key here is to get ready to receive, to truly prepare the path, and act as if what you asked for is already in you life.  It may be confusing, but for us writers, it may involve writing that second novel because the first one is on its way to be published – however, you have not heard from any agents yet.  That is not important here, what is important is to continue your work with open arms – the only way to receive.  And it doesn’t hurt to have fun in the process.