The Story You Have to Tell

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Have you asked “Why do I write?  If not, you should.  It will put your writing into perspective.  For some writers, the answer will be for fun, for money, for success, for fame, for love of the craft, to express myself, to help or inspire others … the answers to that question are personal and there are no wrong answers to it.  However, your answer must match your motive, and your motive, should match your effort and goals.

If you are in it to make money or for success, you should be realistic on the venues that you will use to make your goals a reality.  However, if you are doing it to inspire others, then that should be your main focus.  Somehow, money becomes secondary, almost an after thought.  The time for monetary reward comes eventually if you stay true to your purpose and reason for writing.

For some writers, the story they have to tell – wether inspirational or not – is the greater purpose – they have to tell the story, whether it sells well or not.  They know that they need to write the story and the story must reach the reader it was intended for or the reader who needs to get its message.  Wether it is for millions of readers or just one reader, does not matter.  For these writers, the story itself, (the message) is worth more than monetary compensation or fame.  They would write it anyway.  Why?  Because the story itself becomes “the why” – it is the story they have to tell.

4 thoughts on “The Story You Have to Tell

  1. Certainly. Sometimes we may think we are on the right path, but only to find that we have been wandering without purpose.

  2. I’ve read a few of your posts and enjoyed them. You do not come from the perspective of the know-it-all writer. There is a gentle nudge to your approach that is refreshing. Thanks for sharing it. Writers are sometimes know-it-alls. They live in a world that they control everything; plot, characters, dialogue, and so on. That being said, with your blogs, you have opened the way for writers to think and to take their own direction.
    Kenton Lewis

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by. For me, every day is a learning opportunity, including my writing – there is so much to learn from this universe and from others, that living becomes a humble but priviledge experience. Blessings.

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