To Know, and Know Well

“Write what you know.” I’ve heard this advice many times, and have to admit that I did not realize the depth of it until the other day when I was thinking about the past decade, when a lot of changes took place in my life. Previously, I thought that it referred to field of study, work, expertise, and current/past endeavors, the intellectual and methodology areas, for most part. Rarely did I think of all the emotional impact that living brings to writing. Aside from memoirs, DIY/expert books, educational, and self-help books, where the emotional and factual views are strong, other genres seemed to me a bit more “creative and imaginative” as well as less constrained and more freely approachable.

As writers, many of us are observers and draw much inspiration from our environment and practically anything that crosses our path. However, we tend to forget where we have been in life, emotionally, and tend to dismiss our feelings in those life situations as past. This information is permanently attached/stored in us, and ready to be used as inspiration on our next novel. It will serve us when describing a situation , a similar place, a character that is feeling something we already experienced.
Yes, we have all experienced life in different ways, at many levels. Have you ever been wronged in some way, betrayed, tricked, taken for granted? Ever suffered the loss of a loved one? Have you ever been through so much that it hurts to remember? Have you been so happy, in love, elated, and/or experienced the most sublime of moments in your life? Have life been good to you? Then you can describe with vivid intent how your characters feel in similar situations, making them as human and real as you can. You are writing what you know, and know well. The rest is up to your creativity, passion, and imagination. For writing what you know goes beyond expertise, it transcend your intellectual knowledge of the physical, it duels in you, forever.

A book can be inspirational, educational, entertaining, instructional, helpful, and so many other things, but it can also be a healing tool for the reader as well as it’s author.

Day 7 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

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The last day of the week belongs to As the Pages Turn what I consider a great blog, and therefore wanted to end this week with a special treat for you (although there is no order to my favorites, I love them all).  However, this blog if full of what I call “writer’s insight.”  Why? Because through each interview that is featured you get a glimpse of what each author’s challenges and blessings are.  You can read the interview, and you can read between the lines, as well.  You will also find book reviews, guest bloggers, and a great blog roll to keep you busy.

This blog is full of what’s new in the writing world and if you are contemplating a career as a writer, it certainly shows you what is out there as far as new releases and new authors.  Each writer is its own world, and this blog makes a good point of that.  You will enjoy the interviews and getting to know a bit each author, as well as some of the work they have put out there.  I think As the Pages Turn is worth a visit and for you to hit the follow button as well.  You will learn much from each interview.

This ends a week of Awesome WordPress Bloggers.  This was just a taste, a small sample of some of the blogs that I follow, although there are more that I would like to add; however, from time to time, I will bring one of those to your attention in a special post.

Day 6 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

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Today’s spotlight belongs to The Short and the Long of It by Monique (Neeks).  This blogger is amazing; why?  Because you can give her any three words, even the weirdest and most difficult words (unrelated words too) you can think of and she will write a story using those words.  The issue here is that she  doesn’t just writes the story, she manages to make it interesting and the characters become alive.  But wait, there is more – the story is not too long or too short, it is the right length and it has an easy flow, with narrative and dialog, and a unique writing style.  And the titles, oh the titles to the stories are so creative.  Her blog is colorful and very welcoming, cheerful, joyful, that is the vibe I get from this blog.

If you like short stories and want to enjoy reading some very imaginative and creative ones, head out to The Short and the Long of It and don’t forget to leave the author your three words, because in no time you will be in for a treat.  Oh, and that is another thing, the author doesn’t take that long in creating that story – which is amazing on its own.  Follow this blog so you don’t miss the stories.

The Short and the Long of It is able to quench your thirst for creative stories.   Head out there and see for yourself.


Awesome WordPress Bloggers Week

I am dedicating this week to writing about some of my favorite blogs.  I will feature one blog each day and tell you why I think they are awesome and worth reading.  I will start with Bardicblogger . This blog, just as its title suggests, is a place for “creative writing tips and advice.”  I like this blog for its down to earth writing tips, but also because its style flows easy on the reader.  It shares information, creativity, inspiration, and much more – I like its variety.  I recommend this blog to aspiring writers, as it does not complicate your writing life.  I have read many blogs for writers that actually manage so well to depict a very frightening writing world, scare you to death about writing, as well as making the issue so complicated, almost unattainable.

The blog has several sections in which it shares great writing links, tips and information, and much more from the author.  It is visually appealing as it is great to digest.  The tone is professional, but not stuffy or pretentious.  If you love writing and are not familiar with this site, check it out.  It is worth your visit.

Tomorrow I will share another great writing blog full of insight and inspiration.

The Story You Have to Tell

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Have you asked “Why do I write?  If not, you should.  It will put your writing into perspective.  For some writers, the answer will be for fun, for money, for success, for fame, for love of the craft, to express myself, to help or inspire others … the answers to that question are personal and there are no wrong answers to it.  However, your answer must match your motive, and your motive, should match your effort and goals.

If you are in it to make money or for success, you should be realistic on the venues that you will use to make your goals a reality.  However, if you are doing it to inspire others, then that should be your main focus.  Somehow, money becomes secondary, almost an after thought.  The time for monetary reward comes eventually if you stay true to your purpose and reason for writing.

For some writers, the story they have to tell – wether inspirational or not – is the greater purpose – they have to tell the story, whether it sells well or not.  They know that they need to write the story and the story must reach the reader it was intended for or the reader who needs to get its message.  Wether it is for millions of readers or just one reader, does not matter.  For these writers, the story itself, (the message) is worth more than monetary compensation or fame.  They would write it anyway.  Why?  Because the story itself becomes “the why” – it is the story they have to tell.