Day 7 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

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The last day of the week belongs to As the Pages Turn what I consider a great blog, and therefore wanted to end this week with a special treat for you (although there is no order to my favorites, I love them all).  However, this blog if full of what I call “writer’s insight.”  Why? Because through each interview that is featured you get a glimpse of what each author’s challenges and blessings are.  You can read the interview, and you can read between the lines, as well.  You will also find book reviews, guest bloggers, and a great blog roll to keep you busy.

This blog is full of what’s new in the writing world and if you are contemplating a career as a writer, it certainly shows you what is out there as far as new releases and new authors.  Each writer is its own world, and this blog makes a good point of that.  You will enjoy the interviews and getting to know a bit each author, as well as some of the work they have put out there.  I think As the Pages Turn is worth a visit and for you to hit the follow button as well.  You will learn much from each interview.

This ends a week of Awesome WordPress Bloggers.  This was just a taste, a small sample of some of the blogs that I follow, although there are more that I would like to add; however, from time to time, I will bring one of those to your attention in a special post.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

  1. Contiue the good work. I have been looking for all such blogs. I don’t know if it’s me or are they just that rare? You’ve made life easier.
    Kenton Lewis

  2. I am happy you liked the blogs. I will be featuring some from time to time. I have to say that most of these found me at one point or another and after reading them, I have been following. With limited time, I try to keep current with them, even if I don’t get to comment as much as I would like.

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