Today, I Must Rant

Over the weekend, I was disappointed and annoyed. I am sure that this happens to many indie authors, and I would like your opinion on this issue. I checked my books on Amazon and realized that other independent Amazon sellers were selling the paperbacks at unreasonable and shameful prices. One of my novels was priced over $100 dollars. It made me angry because, this is stealing from readers, and I worked very hard to produced those books, and I don’t like the idea that someone is allowed to sell my novels at an exorbitant price, and make more on one book that I would make as an author in selling several. Do you understand my point?

I checked several indie authors and most of them had the same problem with their novels. I checked a best-selling author who publishes traditionally, and she did not have this issue. I don’t know if this happens with indie authors because many are not in the category of best-selling authors yet, but to me, there should be a stop to this madness. I understand that every seller has the right to price their product, but ridiculously overpricing a novel that the author has priced reasonably is unethical. I don’t know who would pay over $100 for a used book that they can buy new for under $15.00, but obviously someone does, otherwise this would not happen.  Amazon should regulate this issue. Of course, there is the argument that no one is putting a knife in the neck of the buyer, if they want to buy the book for the abominable price.

As an indie author, what do you think? Are you experiencing this?

Now, to my other disappointment – The FAKE WordPress blogs. I saw that a suspicious fake WordPress blog (that had no content) posted one of my posts (A Gift for You) as a reblog. When I looked at the blogger/blog there was no content at all in the site, only my post, making it appear as if I was the blogger giving away my novel. Immediately, I reported it to the WordPress team. I am awaiting a response. This happened yesterday. Again, I understand this happens, but it would be nice if WordPress would require their users to legitimize themselves by having a full profile and the required information before allowing them to have a blog. I think there should be a measure in place. As an author, I love WordPress, and overall, it has a great community and an awesome team. It is my blogging platform by choice, and in my opinion the best out there.

In both instances, my husband was upset and irate, because he knows how much effort and care I put into my work. I think there should be boundaries and regulations that would not allow this type of issues to exist so easy. And the word here is EASY.

What has been your experience as a blogger or indie author?


Best Wishes

I get excited when a new year approaches, because I see it as a box full of surprises, and the opportunity for much more. I have good news, and it is that I am three chapters away from finishing the first draft of The Book of Sharon, so it looks like I will meet my goal before the deadline of December 31st. I will work on those today and tomorrow.

I send you my best wishes for the new year and a happy and healthy holiday season.  I will be away from this blog until January 2nd, so I will see you then. In the meantime, and since I celebrate Christmas, I leave you with this little poem I just wrote.


Hope in the Manger


Hope lay in the manger

for centuries on,

a mother and father

giving up their son.


The most precious gift

of Love and above,

so pure and so just

so faithful behold.


In the stillness of night

and the new light of dawn,

let the babe in the manger

overcome you with Hope.



I will see you all soon, and I consider myself blessed to be able to share with this awesome WordPress community.


Me, Me, Me

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am back after a few days of unplugging myself from social networks, blogging, and other internet endeavors; however, I have to say that one issue fluttered by my head more than a couple of times – the .com issue; yes, I have to say that I was upset with myself for being so lax about obtaining the .com for Inkspeare, after all, I have blogged for years now, see why? Now, another blog has obtained the .com, and my only concern is that since .com is the first thing you think when searching for a domain, I hope that my blog won’t be mixed up with the brand new site that holds the .com domain, although I don’t know the name of the new site (parked). In addition, I am concerned about the type of content as well – Am I worrying too much here? (it could also turn out to be an excellent and wonderful site, on a positive note).

If I am, it is only because I have put so much work, blood, and sweat, into the making of Inkspeare (as well as thinking of the perfect name). After all, Inkspeare has been all about me – my journey as a writer, artist, and the bits and pieces about my life that I love to share with all of you, and I enjoy it so much.

I have to say, that after thinking about it these couple of days, I decided to get the .ME domain, so Inkspeare will now be  Although my first choice was the .com for obvious reasons – everyone looks for a .com first, when searching; it is almost a reflex – I think that a .ME would be easier to remember than a .net or .org, or any other variations. A comment by Roxana suggested that it is more personal, and I happen to agree. Besides, the original will still work if someone searches for Inkspeare that way, or click in any of the live links I have all over, so there is no harm done.  I would have preferred the .com better, but that domain is parked by someone, so it is not available now. However, I am happy with my decision of purchasing the .me domain. After all, Inkspeare, this blog, is about me and my journey, as well as the joy of sharing bits and pieces of that journey.

Having the .me as well as the .wordpress is comforting, in a way.  Maybe, my concern may seem a bit irrational to some, but Inkspeare holds a very special place in my heart and I have to admit that part of my soul is in it as well. It may sound a bit silly, but it is how I feel. One thing I have learned over the years, and that is to accept my feelings and never think of them as “less than,” but to look at them and release them. Therefore, I let the mourning of the .com go, and embrace the wishing for the best. Dramatic? Maybe, however true to me. Over the years of blogging, Inkspeare has been like a second home, so I hope you understand why I feel so strong about it.  For now on (as well as is the home of INKSPEARE.

Food for thought – How do you feel about domains? How do you search for a website; do you use the .com first or not? Have the internet capture too much of our attention and/or lives/identities? Is there such a thing as a virtual clone (your perception of your internet persona?


Awesome Blogs that I am Loving Right Now!

From time to time, I like to share a post about some blogs that I am enjoying and recently have gotten to visit more often.  Topics range because I like a variety of content. Here are five favorites that I have enjoyed reading more recently.

  1. – I am enjoying this blog very much. Simple Tom brings something new every day, and he lives with zest and passion. You will certainly enjoy his joyful style, which is contagious 🙂
  2. – I enjoy this blog because it brings you a lot of visual impact with beautiful pictures of their travels, but the information is brought in a very real way, personal and entertaining.
  3. This blog is very informative and inspirational, if you are trying to get fit and live a better life.  The information is brought to you in a fun and real way, and you get to experience the blogger’s journey too.
  4. If  you visit my blog, you know about my love for farming and my intentions to move to a rural setting and start doing just that.  I love this blog and it has tons of how to do projects, and will certainly be very helpful in the near future.
  5. I love the blog of this young writer. It is full of punch and energy, as well as videos and pictures of some of the most interesting moments of her journey. She always makes the topic fun and to the point.  You will enjoy it very much.

There are many more new blogs (for me) that I am enjoying, and some awesome blogs that I have read for some time. Maybe I will share those oldies on another post.  I hope that you get to visit these and enjoy them as well.

New Trend – Spammers

I have noticed a new trend here, fake blogs started by spammers. They are going through the trouble of setting up a blog, copying some articles, and visiting your blog, commenting, therefore passing as legit bloggers, and unable to be caught by Akismet. I even saw two of those “blogs” posting the same article on the same day, and it wasn’t a share or reposted article. Sometimes, you will get an invitation to write in their “so along the same lines as your writing” blog, and when you click on it, it is all a bunch of crap and advertising. I have even gotten a direct email through the WordPress system from one of those spammers. I never thought that they could get into your email. Usually, I am not this blunt in my posts, unless something really boils my blood – and that did. As a result, the misleading comment will go in the spam comment section, so Akismet can flag it.

Let’s keep WordPress what it has always been, a great community of bloggers sharing ideas and content, and not crap/spam. Fake blogs do not belong here.

End of Year Cheer

I will be away from blogging until next year, so I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and commenting on Inkspeare and for making the WordPress experience so enjoyable, and that goes for WordPress staff as well. My most sincere and loving wishes for the Holidays and for the new year. May your light keep shining and may you find joy and love in everything you do. This poem is from me to you 🙂

One in Many

On this day I shall wish
many blessings, harmony
 When the night gives in to day
and the day nestles the night,
we will be as one in many.

Shine your light for it will be
as the beacon one will see
Always seek your love to give
without measure, plenty and free.

As you give you will receive,
one in many it has been.
 Me, You, It, one and the same,
Love, One Source, is One in many.

As you wish it will be done,
may you wish, joy, peace, and love
For it returns the wish to wisher,
two ten fold, as one in many.

Hope that you enjoy the poem and may you have a blessed, prosperous, and happy New 2013!

If you had your own restaurant, what would it be called?

Hemingway posing for a dust jacket photo by Ll...

Image via Wikipedia

Usually, I don’t follow the WordPress prompts or topics to write about, but this one caught my eye and I decided to write a post about it.  Following the above question, I would name my restaurant “The Writer’s Cave.”  Immediately, that name came to mind and images of what the place would look like started to pour, giving me a sensory overload.  This is what the place looks like to me – The lighting is soft, giving it a cave and cozy feeling.  Since the place is set to cater to writers or wannabe writers, each table has comfy cushioned sitting with a small desk table that you can pull/slide from underneath the main eating table where you can place your laptop or notebook.  The main table has a lamp that you can flip open for reading or writing.  The atmosphere is light, the furniture and walls have an organic rock or paleolithic design.  A few ferns will be scattered around in vases that look like pencils or pens – a larger version of course.  Your napkins, plates and silverware will have engravings or printings of a 1940’s Royal typewriter and the walls will be adorned with the pictures of Hemingway and other famous writers of all times.  The main colors in the decor will be cream, browns, black, coffee and maize tones with silver motifs.  The fabrics will have books or best-sellers printed and the people who work there will have to dress as their favorite author.  Sorry, but if you don’t like writing, writers, books … you better not work there.  In fact, most likely you will not be hired.  Music will be played sporadically but it will be of songs featured in books or related to a story.  The ladies room will have a Red Ridinghood theme and the gentleman’s room theme will be Lord of the Rings (although “The Little Engine that Could” came to mind).   The menu will include foods that have been featured in some classics or best-sellers, or the favorite foods of best-selling authors.  The best part is the pricing, catering to starving artists and writers; although it would be hard to stay in business for long.

So, there you have it, if I had my restaurant that is what it would look and feel like.  However, I am no restaurateur or have dreams of becoming one; I will be happy to sit in it and mingle with other writers.  For any restaurateurs out there, feel free to create this place and don’t forget to send me a coupon for a free meal.

Day 7 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

Open book

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The last day of the week belongs to As the Pages Turn what I consider a great blog, and therefore wanted to end this week with a special treat for you (although there is no order to my favorites, I love them all).  However, this blog if full of what I call “writer’s insight.”  Why? Because through each interview that is featured you get a glimpse of what each author’s challenges and blessings are.  You can read the interview, and you can read between the lines, as well.  You will also find book reviews, guest bloggers, and a great blog roll to keep you busy.

This blog is full of what’s new in the writing world and if you are contemplating a career as a writer, it certainly shows you what is out there as far as new releases and new authors.  Each writer is its own world, and this blog makes a good point of that.  You will enjoy the interviews and getting to know a bit each author, as well as some of the work they have put out there.  I think As the Pages Turn is worth a visit and for you to hit the follow button as well.  You will learn much from each interview.

This ends a week of Awesome WordPress Bloggers.  This was just a taste, a small sample of some of the blogs that I follow, although there are more that I would like to add; however, from time to time, I will bring one of those to your attention in a special post.

Day 4 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

Today’s post is about Beautiful Desolation by Cliff Burns.  This blog is a great blog to follow, but if you are contemplating self-publishing and want to hear it from the best, head out here.  Cliff Burns went independent more than 20 years ago, when this was unheard and it was tabu.  He tells it like it is and he is not a fan of bandages or patches.  So if you want to see what the indie writer’s life is like visit Beautiful Desolation.

The blog is also visually attractive and well-organized, which I always like.  Cliff Burns takes pride on his work and takes it very seriously, as you can see by reading the blog.  The fact that he shares his expertise and years of work with us is a blessing, and even if you are not contemplating going independent you will learn much from the author.

This blog is valuable and more so inspirational in the sense that agents and editors don’t make you as a writer; it is not the end of your career if you get rejection letters – if you truly care about your writing strive to perfect it.  I have a long way to go  in my writing career, and I love to learn from someone who has walked the long road, and is kind enough to remove a few rocks and boulders with the information and example offered through  Beautiful Desolation.  Check it  out, it is an awesome blog!

Day 2 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers


Image via Wikipedia

Today, I dedicate this post to C2C – Courage to Create by Ollin Morales.  This is one awesome blog that has many followers and in which you will find great information about writing, but also much inspiration to keep going.  A writer’s world is not an easy one, and C2C manages to give you the courage to continue in your writing journey.

I like this blog because it talks to the reader, it presents information and great tips, but also manages to make the topics personal and real.  It features writing topics, many writing guests, as well as great insight from the author.

C2C has a light, realistic, and encouraging tone and manages to keep real but informative throughout the author’s writing journey.  I think it is also innovative in the way it approaches many writing topics, pointing not only to the writing tasks, but also to the whole that is the writer’s life.  So there, you will find the information you need but also great insight and perspective.  Visit C2C and see for yourself.