New Trend – Spammers

I have noticed a new trend here, fake blogs started by spammers. They are going through the trouble of setting up a blog, copying some articles, and visiting your blog, commenting, therefore passing as legit bloggers, and unable to be caught by Akismet. I even saw two of those “blogs” posting the same article on the same day, and it wasn’t a share or reposted article. Sometimes, you will get an invitation to write in their “so along the same lines as your writing” blog, and when you click on it, it is all a bunch of crap and advertising. I have even gotten a direct email through the WordPress system from one of those spammers. I never thought that they could get into your email. Usually, I am not this blunt in my posts, unless something really boils my blood – and that did. As a result, the misleading comment will go in the spam comment section, so Akismet can flag it.

Let’s keep WordPress what it has always been, a great community of bloggers sharing ideas and content, and not crap/spam. Fake blogs do not belong here.

16 thoughts on “New Trend – Spammers

  1. I didn’t even think about it and it makes me angry too. WordPress should stay clean with blogs that have meanings… No place for spammers here.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I think that overall, WordPress does a great job on keeping spammers away, and checking out blogs. I love WordPress and the community here, and it is one of the best – if not the best – venues for bloggers.

  3. I have received some bizarre comments. They get spamed.
    A year ago I “goggled” some of my titles in order to see if they appear and how they appear when searched. To my surprise some one reprinted one of my post in an online community blog/newspaper. What steamed me is that he (the writer) took the time to credit himself for the article. I emailed and thanked him for considering my writing worthy of his name. I gave him permission to use it if only he would give credit where credit is due, otherwise for the next thirty days I will post about the situation and make sure he understood the best prose is written from a vengeful heart.
    There was no reply, but the post was removed from the site.

  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me. The writer took my entire article along with the image, credited it to himself and published it.

    I was furious and emailed him saying, if it is not removed, I will send an email to his domain host and have his site shut down… ( When I am angry, I am angry)…

    He apologized and left an exerpt leading to my blog page.

  5. I’ve seen stuff so good I wished to be able to write that well. Never tempted or entertained the thought of stamping my name on it and calling it mine. Thievery come in many forms.

  6. I have seem some of those blogs removed or suspended by WordPress, so I guess that they are on top of it. Unfortunately stolen content is a reality and it is sad to see your work stolen; those bastards are so lazy that they cannot even think their own content. Sorry that happened to you.

  7. Sorry that it happened to you as well. Sometimes, there is the “unaware” and the true mistake of pasting something someone likes and forget to link it; however, it is the credit under the thief’s name what makes a writer angry.

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