Day 4 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

Today’s post is about Beautiful Desolation by Cliff Burns.  This blog is a great blog to follow, but if you are contemplating self-publishing and want to hear it from the best, head out here.  Cliff Burns went independent more than 20 years ago, when this was unheard and it was tabu.  He tells it like it is and he is not a fan of bandages or patches.  So if you want to see what the indie writer’s life is like visit Beautiful Desolation.

The blog is also visually attractive and well-organized, which I always like.  Cliff Burns takes pride on his work and takes it very seriously, as you can see by reading the blog.  The fact that he shares his expertise and years of work with us is a blessing, and even if you are not contemplating going independent you will learn much from the author.

This blog is valuable and more so inspirational in the sense that agents and editors don’t make you as a writer; it is not the end of your career if you get rejection letters – if you truly care about your writing strive to perfect it.  I have a long way to go  in my writing career, and I love to learn from someone who has walked the long road, and is kind enough to remove a few rocks and boulders with the information and example offered through  Beautiful Desolation.  Check it  out, it is an awesome blog!

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

  1. This is a gracious post–you have no idea how much it pleases me when colleagues offer their support and praise for my weird, trainwreck of a career.

    The life of the indie writer and publisher is not an easy one and there are a myriad of obstacles and prejudices one has to overcome. It comes down to consistently presenting work that is highly polished, professional, original and literate. I truly believe that, in the end, quality wins out and good work will survive, wherever it exists (in the real or virtual world).

    I’ve been a pro writer for over 25 years and I’m happy to share my experiences with traditional publishing, agents, editors and the like. I also hope, to be candid, readers popping by my site will come away with a renewed appreciation for alternative streams of writing and discover, in the best of the indie writers, fiction and perspectives they aren’t finding in the trads, new visions for a troubled world…

  2. You offer valuable insight through Beautiful Desolation, and not only for indie writers, but for all writers. A must read for writers on all levels, I believe.

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