Day 3 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers

A serene landscape photography

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Today, I dedicate this post to Picture a Poem – Connetta.  If you love poetry this is one awesome WordPress blog, as you will find it a treat.  When you visit Picture a Poem, you are welcomed with a beautiful picture and a poem that corresponds to it, so not only do you get the story visually, but in beautiful and inspiring words as well.

I love this blog because it actually stimulates my senses and serves as therapy to me – I enjoy the visual part of it, the glorious scenery and creative pictures, but I am also touched by its poetry.  Connetta’s blog relaxes me and gives me a sense of peace and delight.  Its style is refreshing, serene, and simple.  I love the way the blog is organized, the colors, graphics, and the way you navigate through it.  If you ever need to get inspired and delight your senses, head out to Conetta’s blog and you will emerge not only inspired but refreshed.

If you like poetry, you will like Picture a Poem and even if you are not a fan of poetry, you will enjoy the visual aspect and simplicity of it.  This one is a winner in my book.

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  1. I’m not much of poetry reader, but this poetry is well worth reading. Thanks for posting about the site.

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