The Three Forgotten Rules for Living


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The other day, I was pondering on this adage (yes, I ponder a lot – even as a toddler, according to my Mom) – “Use it up, Make do, Do without.”  I don’t know if you are familiar with it, but it has been thrown around from time to time.  I realized that these words have been forgotten in today’s society.  Although, some people are turning their lives around and embracing these words (many times they are called “greenies”) most people live the opposite to this, at least that is what I’ve observed.  I was there once.

Use it Up – Most people throw away things before they even finish their contents, many times, unused items that they never got to open, spoiled food, and so on.

Make Do – That has become an insult in today’s society.  To some, Make Do is synonym to being a loser, or being poor.  I’ve known people with lots of money that live by the Make Do rule; it doesn’t have to do with how much money you have.  Some people choose this way of living, but this is the minority.

Do Without – This is unheard these days, especially since the invention of credit cards.  It is the source of many tantrums at stores or at home, and I am not talking about kids.  People become miserable if they cannot have stuff NOW!  Do Without? – But that is impossible!

The New Rules of the Game

1.  Use it Halfway, if ever.

2.  Get the newest and latest.

3.  Get it Now before it becomes old.

Disclaimer:  Some people will hate me for this post.  After the Zombies invade, nothing will matter, so old goods will become new again, and the old rules will become survival techniques.

6 thoughts on “The Three Forgotten Rules for Living

  1. Thank you for the reminder of these simple rules. I like to think of myself as living “green” but, I am guilty of not using things up, of wasting. I am too old to worry about having the latest “gadgets” by using credit to make purchases. (thank goodness)

  2. It scares me that a whole generation of people expecting ‘instant gratification’ 100% of the time are reaching adulthood. What will they do when peak oil hits? I like the three forgotten rules best and like you, try to live by them. Nice post.

  3. True, instant gratification has become a way of living in this society; hopefully people will realize there are other ways.

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