Creating the Space that You and Only You Need

English: Reminds me of the book & movie about ...

English: Reminds me of the book & movie about Jonathan Livingston Seagull. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You need space to breathe.  You need space to think clear.  You need space to fuel inspiration.  You need space to unfreeze the soul.  You need space away from the heavy load that your dreams may present at times.  You need space away from them (whomever that might be).  You need space to feel again.  You need space away from the person you have become (and whom you don’t seem to recognize).  You need space to come back.  You need space to exist.  You need space to be.

After reading a very inspiring book, I found myself searching for more.  I enjoyed this book immensely, and got from it much more than I was expecting; however, it puzzled me to the point of wanting to know why I was ready to slap some of these characters, when I could read between the lines of their soul, and all I saw was little bits and pieces of me.  That book touched my soul, deep enough to want to retreat for a few days, in the safe space I needed to create for me and only me – and so I did.  And so I searched.  And so I found.  And so I understood.

Sometimes, it is necessary to stop and look at your current space, abandon it for a while, create a new one where you feel safe enough to meet with yourself, so you can come back, and make the necessary changes – if needed.  The soul needs a nest from time to time, where it can renew, because the journey never ends.

I love books since  I can remember, but I can count with a single hand the books that have touch a chord in my soul throughout my life, and at different stages of it.  When I was a child, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis left a seed growing in my soul.  When I was a teenager, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach gave me wings.  A few weeks ago, “The Grievers” by Marc Schuster gave a piercing jolt to my soul, which sent me back to visit the child and teenager long-lost forgotten.

I don’t know if any other books will talk to my soul as I continue in my journey, but I plan to read tons more, as I’ve always done.  And if there is a time when I need to create the secret space that me and only me needs, I will do so, and I will nest for a while, rest my wings, and let go, so I can come back to my Narnia.

4 thoughts on “Creating the Space that You and Only You Need

  1. You gave me back Seagull, a story I know I loved but couldn’t remember who wrote it or what the title was. For this I will love you forever…okay, maybe that went a little far but you get the idea. Thanks for mentioning the book. Now I must run to the book store to pick it up.

  2. Oh, I am so happy that you finally found the book. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment. 🙂

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