After Sandy, the Next Northeaster in Cliffwood Beach, NJ

I am so happy to be writing this post, happy and blessed.  Happy that I finally got power and heat last night, and internet this morning, and blessed that our home was untouched by the storm.  As I write this post, I feel deeply for those who lost so much and still have no heat, as this new northeaster approaches – snow is already on the ground, and it is very cold outside.

I count my blessings; Sandy was a humbling experience for certain.  Here are a few pictures of some of the damage to my neighborhood in Cliffwood Beach, NJ, which is truly nothing when compared to other nearby towns.

Tree on my neighbor’s home.

Giant pine tree down.

The beach front – tons of debris, a surge at 2.00 am damaged the area.

The boardwalk was cut in half.

Neighbors survey the area the next morning.


The dunes are gone and the street becomes the beach.

Poles and power lines under water.

Whale Creek overflows, and at one point, meets the ocean and Treasure Lake.  Cliffwood Beach is surrounded by the Raritan Bay, Treasure Lake, and Whale Creek; however, it is set up high, in a small cliff.   Looking through the 2nd floor window, I saw waves were land was supposed to be.

Neighbors come together helping each other.

And this is how I count my blessings.


8 thoughts on “After Sandy, the Next Northeaster in Cliffwood Beach, NJ

  1. I also feel blessed, not only to have survived the ordeal, but to have found so many friends ready and willing to help us when we really needed it. I enjoyed checking through your blog. Building Your Brand seems widely applicable to small business owners, not just freelancers. The cat bed tale was funny. I wish you success in your pursuits. I posted a blurb about your blog on my blog, Aberdeen NJ Life. Maybe some new readers will come your way.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Inkspeare and sharing. Wishing much success with all your endeavors, and a blessed life 🙂

  3. Thanks the Lord for your and the others for being ok.Your pictures tell the whole thing. Our thoughts with those who need help .Blessings

  4. Thank you so much for liking my post.Have a wonderful day.Jalal

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