Moo Your Novel

I have thought about ways to spread the cheer about Moonlit Valley, my first novel (you may visit the Novels tab on this blog for more information on the book).  I thought about Moo mini cards, and found this to be a great idea.  Today, I ordered a few.  They are very affordable.  It is an awesome way to promote your business as well as your books.  For me, I ended up doing a combo business and book promo mini card.

Moo mini cards are half the size of a traditional business card, and you can print on both sides or download your images.  In my case, I downloaded images of my business logo and images of my book.  The best about it is that you can have up to 100 different images in the back of the card (in one order).  The front will be your business or book info, and you can choose for the back one or as many images you want, up to 100.  If you have many novels, you can use part of the cover to place in the back of the card.  Each time you hand out a card, a different image (or message if you choose) will be on the back.  You can also do all of them with one image only, if you desire.  I love the opportunity to be able to do many things with these mini cards.  You can also create text cards, and for example, use lines from your book.  There are many possibilities, depending on how creative you want to be.  I can’t wait to get mine.

In addition, I discovered that Moo has a new service called an NFC card.  This is as awesome as it can get.  Techies will love it for sure.  These are business cards that have a small chip inside and when you hand it to someone the person can touch it to a smart phone, the card will send a message that has been pre-programmed by you, and the phone will execute it.  For example this could be download music, or your portfolio, or pics, or a link to your website …  Imagine directing customers to your book link via your business card; isn’t that awesome?

Well, for now, I will be happy to get my glossy moo cards with all the images selections that I created.  As soon as I get them in the mail, I will post some pics so you can see how beautiful and smart these mini cards are.

Check it out if you think this is a good idea –