Watercolors Friday – Celebrating 3 Books

For today’s post, I want to celebrate three of my favorite books.  What is so special about them?  Well, they are my favorites, that is, if I had to pick three of all the ones that I love.  Why those three?  I asked myself the same question, and I was surprised by the answer.  These books have touched my soul in a different way, have made me ponder, think, dream, smile, doubt, question, and offered comfort besides entertainment.  It wasn’t until I questioned why the gap in years in between my three favorites that I understood the reason.  Those books found me at important stages of my life.  I wish I had my copies here to post pictures of them but they are packed in a trailer with all my moving stuff, so I will provide public domain pictures for the first two, instead.  Here they are,


Roger Hane's cover for the 1970 Collier-Macmil...

This book came to my life when I was a kid and full of wonder, dreaming of worlds different from mine.  I lived this book through its pages.


Cover of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

Cover of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

This book found me in my teenage years, when my mind was full of dreams, questioned everything around me, and wanted to break away from the pack.  I am lucky to own a signed copy.  I still love this book as much, if not more, than when I read it the first time, and I have read it several times.  I can picture myself in the golden years, savoring a cup of coffee, holding this book on my lap.  I still need to read it a few more times throughout my journey – every time I find something new.

THE GRIEVERS by Marc Schuster

Photo by Maria Diaz

Photo by Maria Diaz

This is actually a picture of my copy.  It is a recent book, and one that found me at another important stage of my life.  Just like the other two books, it made me ponder, question, think some more, question some more, doubt, smile, and dive deep inside myself, as I encountered twists and turns (my twists and turns) throughout its pages.

There you have it, three books that have been to me more than a casual read, and today I want to celebrate those.  I don’t know which will be the next book that will take me to the same level of introspection and delight, or when, but I am certainly excited about the possibility.

To C.S. Lewis, Richard Bach, and Marc Schuster – Happy Watercolors Friday!

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