Don’t Buy Ivory

THIS IS A REBLOG. I found this blog post from ArchangelTravel very interesting and important to travelers, so I am sharing it here today. As you know, I care about this planet, and think that every action, big or small determines the fate of Earth. Here ArchangelTravel made what it may seem as a simple shopping choice; however the impact on this planet is immense. Just think about it.

Celebrating Turtle and Robot – Watercolors Friday

This is our second Watercolors Friday, and I was just thinking about how much I loved watercolors when I was a kid (still do), even when I made a mess of water and pigment – Hey, I like that name for a blog “Water and Pigment.”  Getting back to what I was writing, childhood is a very magical time,  it should be, and as much as I  liked watercolors, I also loved reading, and following people around with pen in hand, pretending that I was an investigator (probably influenced by The Three Investigators).  This is why today, I want to celebrate a special blog – Turtle and Robot

Turtle and Robot is about children’s books reviews. The blogger (Jennifer Lavonier) reviews children’s books of all kinds and ages – from picture books, to board books, to books for early readers, middle readers, and young adults. She is a collector of these books, as well as a seller.  In her blog, she writes about those books that she loves. The blog has a very happy and lively design, representing the topic of children.  She talks about the books but also offers gorgeous pictures (the blog is a feast for the eyes) and tells you a bit about the author of the featured book as well.

I hope that you stop by this wonderful blog, especially if you have little ones, and want to know more about what is out there and get some new ideas as far as more great books for kids, as well as classics, and coming from a knowledgeable source, as this blogger has been in the field of children’s books for some time.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Happy Watercolors Friday to all!

Ramblings of the Spirit Giveaway

I will be giving away three copies of Ramblings of the Spirit, the first book of the trilogy The Dinorah Chronicles.  To enter for a chance to win one of the three copies, just like my Facebook page (link at the right of the screen on this blog) and that is all you have to do.  I will announce the three winners on May 20, which is the birth date of the person to whom I have dedicated this book – my maternal grandmother.

Ramblings of the Spirit is a story about the conflict between Duty, Friendship, and Love. In this paranormal romance, Dinorah Sandbeck, an introverted young librarian, resents her Human-Anarth origins and must find a way to fulfill her birthright duty while keeping the secret. As she learns the Anarth ways, she must follow the teachings of an ancient tome, but she falls in love with James Casey, a journalist, and she struggles to keep her secret safe. She must learn to fight her archenemy Hael and The Other Side, but most of all, she must fight herself. In this battle of Self, Love, and Duty, winning is the least of her concerns.

Excerpt – “I picked up the book again and slowly placed it on my bed. I was not sure if opening it or let it be. I laughed at myself. The impression of the dream was so real in my mind that I thought I felt the book’s heartbeat. I turned to go to the kitchen when I heard a thump. I looked back; the book had opened. This time, I mustered the courage to look at the page. It was the page of the boy and the serpent; however, the image had changed. Now, I was looking at my dream. Spilled all over the ground were human hearts; next to the boy, I saw a key, and next to it a heart with wings that seemed to bleed. I grabbed the loupe from the nightstand to inspect the picture. There were initials printed on the heart – DS. What could it mean? Only one thing came to mind – Dinorah Sandbeck”Chapter 21 – The Thump of the Bleeding Hearts.


Book trailer




That was just a bit about the book, and here is a picture of what the lucky winners will be getting – a copy of the book and bookmarks.  If you want the chance to win a copy, please follow the link on this blog to like my Facebook page and enter the giveaway.  Ramblings of the Spirit is available in ebook or paperback through Amazon.





🙂 Cheers and Good Luck!




Announcing Watercolor Fridays

English: A palette of watercolours and a brush...

English: A palette of watercolours and a brush. Deutsch: Wasserfarben und Pinsel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I announce the first Watercolor Friday on this blog, and hopefully, many more will follow.  What is Watercolor Fridays? Well, every Friday I will celebrate other blogs, other’s achievements, inspire or gift something, whatever that might be at the time – a book, info, art … It is my way to celebrate this beautiful place we call home, our planet, and this wonderful community of writers/bloggers.  Each one of us is like a small piece of watercolored paper scattered on Earth, and each one of us have something to contribute, a picture to paint in our journey, and of course to be celebrated, and hopefully, our colors will run into one another, thus enjoying what each one of us has to offer. I hope that you get to enjoy Watercolor Fridays.

To start our first Watercolor Friday, I want to celebrate and share with you five awesome blogs that I have read for a while and hopefully, you will get to know and visit them.  I call them my oldies. Here they are.

  1. This blog is from author Marc Schuster and is called Abominations.  It is a place where you will find humor, art, information, and writer’s insight.  I recommend his latest novel The Grievers, you will love it, hopefully as much as I did. It is an awesome book.
  2. The Jittery Goat will certainly take you by surprise with its unique humor or seriousness, and sometimes, a tiny healthy dose of cynicism, but other times, be prepare to take this blogger’s honest opinion – whether you agree with it or not, shocking or not.  And this is precisely, what makes The Jittery Goat different, and not sugar-coated.  This blog is certainly worth visiting and will sometimes take you to a place in time, with vivid descriptions in the unique style of this author.
  3. I call this blog a blog of beauty.  I have enjoyed the images of this photographer for some time, and this was one of the first blogs I started following, and do till’ today.  The images here are a celebration of life.  I am sure that you will enjoy it.
  4. I followed this blog as former blog Arignagardener, it has moved to Fromacountrycottage.  I recommend this blog to lovers of country living, simple living, and organic living.  There is always something good to read and awesome pictures.  During the process of it moving, I missed a few posts, since I had to follow the new blog and had forgotten to do so, then realized that I was missing its posts. Glad I got back to it.
  5. This is one of the first blogs I followed and I still visit.  Here, you will find great vegan recipes and organic tips, as well as the appetizing pictures of these yummy recipes, which the blogger prepares herself most of the time.  It is an awesome blog for vegans but also vegetarians, and pretty much anyone who wants to learn to eat healthier but at the same time yummy.

Well, these are my five oldies that I am celebrating today to commence Watercolor Fridays.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do or more 🙂



I enjoyed this video on his blog and as he points out, everyone needs to see it, as indeed it is a powerful message; therefore, I am sharing it, and hope that you keep sharing it as well. 🙂

Simple Tom

Please share this on your blog and with everyone. This is such a POWERFUL message and everyone needs to hear this! Its so incredibly powerful in shaping the way that we see ourselves.

– So that you TRULY see yourself as the beautiful person you are.

Please share this.

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Awesome Blogs that I am Loving Right Now!

From time to time, I like to share a post about some blogs that I am enjoying and recently have gotten to visit more often.  Topics range because I like a variety of content. Here are five favorites that I have enjoyed reading more recently.

  1. – I am enjoying this blog very much. Simple Tom brings something new every day, and he lives with zest and passion. You will certainly enjoy his joyful style, which is contagious 🙂
  2. – I enjoy this blog because it brings you a lot of visual impact with beautiful pictures of their travels, but the information is brought in a very real way, personal and entertaining.
  3. This blog is very informative and inspirational, if you are trying to get fit and live a better life.  The information is brought to you in a fun and real way, and you get to experience the blogger’s journey too.
  4. If  you visit my blog, you know about my love for farming and my intentions to move to a rural setting and start doing just that.  I love this blog and it has tons of how to do projects, and will certainly be very helpful in the near future.
  5. I love the blog of this young writer. It is full of punch and energy, as well as videos and pictures of some of the most interesting moments of her journey. She always makes the topic fun and to the point.  You will enjoy it very much.

There are many more new blogs (for me) that I am enjoying, and some awesome blogs that I have read for some time. Maybe I will share those oldies on another post.  I hope that you get to visit these and enjoy them as well.

A Taste of Ramblings of the Spirit

Here is a small excerpt from my novel Ramblings of the Spirit, Book 1 of The Dinorah Chronicles.

“I picked up the book again and slowly placed it on my bed. I was not sure if opening it or let it be. I laughed at myself. The impression of the dream was so real in my mind that I thought I felt the book’s heartbeat. I turned to go to the kitchen when I heard a thump. I looked back; the book had opened. This time, I mustered the courage to look at the page. It was the page of the boy and the serpent; however, the image had changed. Now, I was looking at my dream. Spilled all over the ground were human hearts; next to the boy, I saw a key, and next to it a heart with wings that seemed to bleed. I grabbed the loupe from the nightstand to inspect the picture. There were initials printed on the heart – DS. What could it mean? Only one thing came to mind – Dinorah Sandbeck” – Chapter 21 – The Thump of the Bleeding Hearts.

I hope that you enjoyed that little bit; you can sample a little more on Amazon.  Here is the official book trailer. I hope that you like it.


The Pursuit of a Simple Life is Not Simple

It may seem as a contradiction but it has been my experience. Maybe, I over think stuff, maybe I am over-committed to stuff (and I don’t mean material stuff), but for many, the pursue of a simple life has started by abandoning all that is, and starting fresh; not my case. I love to hear stories about people who have made radical changes and quickly left their jobs, old life, material ties, and abandoned themselves to the pursuit of a meaningful and simple life, whether traveling the world, or doing something totally different – careers … Yes, I love those stories and deep inside, I wish I could do the same.

However, when I started the pursuit of a simple life, life got in the way of it. How it happens? To each its own, and circumstances are individual, that is the only explanation I have. It has taken work, time, and effort to start this pursuit – it almost takes all the fun out of it, right?

For me, the simple life goes beyond the abandonment of the current – it has taken the path of learning a new lifestyle, of changing career, understanding spirituality, and the attempt of moving physical locations, along with the systematic purging of the material, and the fulfillment of some material commitments as well. All that takes time, and it will take as much time as you are deep in it. Somehow, the simple becomes slow, systematic, complicated … far.

As long as there is an understanding of this reality, the pursuit of a simple life becomes a dream, a goal, an aspiration. You learn to ditch, you learn to do, you learn, and you learn, and at one point you get tired of learning and doing, and you want to learn to ditch more, but life becomes reality, and simplicity becomes a place down the road, and the wheels suffer wear and tear. It makes you think of the one who have jumped in the pursuit with no regrets and no second thoughts of what is behind – have they? I will never know – to each, its own.

One thing is for sure, the simple life does require other than a simplistic approach, at least, in my understanding. I have ditched, learned to do things different, to wait for the right time to be able to change physical locations, to change careers and to learn all needed to do that in the process, to deal with the close-minded, to deal with consequences, learned to accept time, and learned to let go of what doesn’t suit the simple life anymore – whether material, spiritual, or human.  In the meantime, I hope that time does not morph into lassitude, and pray that I don’t end up with broken wings.

monarch wings

New Trend – Spammers

I have noticed a new trend here, fake blogs started by spammers. They are going through the trouble of setting up a blog, copying some articles, and visiting your blog, commenting, therefore passing as legit bloggers, and unable to be caught by Akismet. I even saw two of those “blogs” posting the same article on the same day, and it wasn’t a share or reposted article. Sometimes, you will get an invitation to write in their “so along the same lines as your writing” blog, and when you click on it, it is all a bunch of crap and advertising. I have even gotten a direct email through the WordPress system from one of those spammers. I never thought that they could get into your email. Usually, I am not this blunt in my posts, unless something really boils my blood – and that did. As a result, the misleading comment will go in the spam comment section, so Akismet can flag it.

Let’s keep WordPress what it has always been, a great community of bloggers sharing ideas and content, and not crap/spam. Fake blogs do not belong here.

Why Am I Here?

I am sure that at one point or another we ask this question to ourselves.  It is the big question, at the brink of figuring out existentialism, our own, our desires, our goals, but no – it is more than that, the big Why.  But maybe that is not the only approach, or even the right approach; maybe, it is better to know that WE ARE HERE.  Yes, we are here and what you do with your time here is up to you and no one else. Do you really need a why to realize it? Or, do you dare to realize that YOU ARE HERE, and that in itself is one of the greatest discoveries and mysteries.  Dare to dream, but dare to accept that the infinite lives in you and you are here, in the infinite, while you try to figure out why.  Once you accept this, the why will be secondary to the greatness that you heart will experience, to the deep communion with all it is, and all it is inside you, and all is everything.

I came across this awesome NASA Timeless Earth video posted by youtuber boatright.  Watch it, and pay attention at how you feel when you are watching, and enjoy it because yes, you are a part of all that – of everything. All I can say is that I am glad that I AM HERE.