I want to thank Oawritingspoemspaintings for The Versatile Blogger nomination. I’m honored because someone thought of this blog enough to nominate it. I don’t take these awards for granted.

If you enjoy poetry and art, as well as a bit of everything in good measure, stop by Oawritingspoemspaintings and enjoy what this blogger has to offer. You will find something to your liking. The blog is undergoing a bit of fixing the images, but be patient, it will get done; in the mean time, you can enjoy the many other sections this versatile blogger has.

Thanks again Oawritingpoemspaintings for nominating Inkspeare.

8 thoughts on “Versatile

  1. Thanks so very much for this generous & kind acknowledgement to my blog & its award!
    I appreciate the effort, I know these things take up some of our precious & much needed time.
    All my very best wishes for a successful, healthy & happy 2014!

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