2014 Writing Goals

I have set two major writing goals for this year, editing and publishing The Book of Sharon before the end of the first quarter, and writing Sunrise Souls before the end of the year. If I get to the editing of the last one, I will be very happy, but for now, writing it is all I am expecting. In addition, I am hoping to develop my author website a bit more; it has been under construction. As far as this blog goes, I am hoping to post at least three times a week. Those are my only writing goals for this year – few and clear. My main focus will go towards regaining my health. Other projects will be on hold for now.

Today, my nephew sent me an email that had an Allan Watts short video about one of his lectures on meditation. One thing caught my attention immediately – his definition of meditation. He views meditation as a way to bring you back to reality (to the real world, to the life that we live in a daily basis, to the now, to be present …). When I thought about it, I realized that my concept of meditation was at conflict with this definition. I viewed it as a way to relax and step out of reality – a way to alleviate stress or any present inconvenience. This view is opposite to the purpose of meditation. I found this interesting, and I think that many people think of meditation as a way to escape reality instead of getting back to it. I thought this was brilliant.

As writers we tend to retreat; we spend long hours alone dipped into our own worlds and thoughts, and many times far away from reality. Meditation may be a good tool for writers, that is, as a way to bring us back to life into the now.

3 thoughts on “2014 Writing Goals

  1. Articulating exactly what our goals are is pretty vital to getting stuff done (which is why I am always all over this place doing 20 things at the same time)… lol

    I myself am no more than a blogger (spariodic one at that) though totally relate when you talk about how writers generally tend to disappear into their own worlds… I do this best with music and I always find I write in a way that is much more relatable when I am tuning into a piece that moves me and drives my writing through personal experiences!.

    Thanks for sharing, and all the very best on your writing journey this year around!

    Miss Lou

  2. Thank you 🙂 and yes, all we can do is do our best, and do better next time, if we fall short of our projected goals. I find that planning helps me focus; sometimes, I want to do too much at once and my focus becomes a bit all over the place, so I force myself to follow a flexible plan. Thanks for stopping back and sharing.

  3. I have struggled with the trying to do ‘too much syndrome’ myself at times, so I know exactly what you mean!

    Enjoyed reading your post – thanks for having me and taking the time to respond!

    Miss Lou

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