Why We Follow? Why We Lead?

Why we follow? Why we lead?

The fact that we are social and gregarious might seem to answer the question, and to a point it does; however, whether you consider yourself a follower or a leader is only important because of the Why. I think we are a bit of both throughout our lifespan. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. If we discard the image of the big leader followed by a multitude we do ourselves a favor. Many people aspire to be leaders; other people get offended if they are labeled as followers, almost as if one would cancel the other, when instead, we must be open to be both if we want to grow our humanity, and our spirituality. There will be times in our lives when we will have to step as leaders, and other times we will yearn to follow, and even the leaders will find themselves after the path of teaching by learning the yearning of the followers. We have been taught that one is better than the other, or greater than the other, when it is just a different side of the same coin, a different tonality of the same color. The only thing that will decide which side it is at a particular moment in our lives is the Why.

Why we step to lead or yearn to follow? In the Why we found the meaning, and it must be powerful enough to move us, otherwise, we end up pursuing illusions whether we lead or follow. Whatever we look for, the nourishment we need, or need to give, becomes the reason, the fuel, the dream … Somewhere in the process, what developed inside us, and has been there, we manage to transport it outside ourselves, and the search for it starts, and we lead, and we follow, and we keep searching, and leading, and following – and living.

4 thoughts on “Why We Follow? Why We Lead?

  1. Nice perspective. From my perspective, the best leaders were and are the best followers. Not blind followers but followers who learn from leaders (good and bad); and know how to use the knowledge and power gained through their following to ensure proper leadership for the next generation of followers. Your perspective that it starts and is developed inside of us is unique in that most would say leaders are born leaders. I agree with your point, leaders can be developed and it needs to start with the individual to accept it, allow it to be nurtured, self-nurture and then put it into action.

  2. Yes, it is, and the best teaching comes from inside of us. When I am following or pursuing something, I usually ask the question.

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. Nicely said, and both sides should be nurtured in us in order to grow, and whatever cannot be found through the knowledge and leadership of others can always be found by looking within.

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