Pretty Little Town Celebrates Big

I love this town. Over the past six years it has grown on me. It reminds me of the little towns in a Kinkade painting or an old-fashioned Christmas movie. I was able to enjoy the Independence Day celebration and will share some pictures on this post. The town dressed up in red, white, and blue and delighted people with different activities during the three days of celebration. The town’s parade and fireworks were held on a Saturday.

The town dressed up, and homeowners decorated their homes for a patriotic competition.

FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Patriotic Decoration Contest.
Second Place was one the churches.

This is a historic town dating back to 1777 and is evident throughout; history is embraced. Its churches are beautiful and there are many buildings with lovely architectural features. One of the highlights was to be able to read about its history in strategically placed signs throughout Main Street.

Competition was the original name of this town, and in 1852 it was changed to Chatham . Competition Alley, one of its early streets remains and has been highlighted.

There are many other interesting buildings in town.

The local dentist office displays equipment from old days. Inside, it is all about modern times.
I am glad those days are gone.
The Star Tribune, local newspaper.
Shadetree Rarebooks – antique bookstore window display.
Hardgrave Military Academy (1909).
Entrance to Chatham Hall (1894), a preparatory school for girls. This building was featured in the movie Crazy People (1990) Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah.

Chatham was placed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historical Places. It is approximately two square miles and has a small population of around 1,350, give or take. It is called “the prettiest little town in Southside Virginia.”

I hope you enjoyed this post.