Thank You!

Today, I noticed that Inkspeare hit 100 follows, and I want to say to all of you who follow this blog or visit from time to time – THANK YOU! I am very happy to have met you through this platform and look forward to continue on this writing journey, sharing and exchanging ideas/posts with all of you.  🙂 You all rock!

This, I wrote for you.

May your journey gifts you wisdom,

may your road be full of roses,

may the breeze caress you gently,

if the climb might leave you breathless.

May you prosper and find sweetness,

and your days be filled with glee,

may Love, Hope, Joy, and Forgiveness,

take you where the road meets dreams.

Much love,


Dear Child

Photo by M. Diaz



Dear Child,

Find me in the stillness of your soul, in the nature of things, their purity, their essence.  Find me in the song of the day, the sounds of a new beginning, the voice of a start as pure as the essence of your soul.  Dear child, find me in the time, the seconds, the hours… find me in the voice of the unknown yet to be revealed.  Find me, but most of all, find yourself, for there I reside.

Think, Speak, and Do, but Love

Some people may not agree with me on this, but our entire existence is based on three words – Think, Speak, and Do.  These words shape our present, and with it, our past and future.  I have realized that where I am is a result of those three words.  What I think, and how I think has much input in how I conduct myself and in the way I choose to live my life.  What I think, is in part shaped by what I read, see, and entertain in my mind; however, my interpretation of it also bares weight. Visualization is rooted in what I think, so I better think positive to visualize a great future or outcome.  However, it goes deeper than that, because what I think and visualize NOW is what really counts.

What I speak, what comes out of my mouth, also shapes my present.  If I speak negativity, I should not expect positive results.  When I call myself dumb or idiot it is shaping the image that I have of myself and the one that I will present to the world.  The words that I utter, aloud or silently, are powerful.

What I do, the actions I take, are highly influenced by what I think and what I have spoken to myself or to others.  Action is always preceded by thought.  However, many times, it may seem as if we do the opposite – Do we really?

If I think and speak positive, I must still take action to be able to enjoy all the great opportunities coming my way, and grab them as they present themselves.  Think, Speak, and Do interrelate to shape my life.  However, there is a word that will change greatly what I think, speak, and do – LOVE.

When I think, speak, and do with Love, things take a different meaning.  Doing things lovingly really makes a different in how I view my day, my life.  This is why we hear people say, “Do what you love and you will be successful, the rest will come …”  This is why when I like something very much I say – “I love chocolate or coffee …” It is why we can say to our loved ones “I love you.”  I can think, speak, and do all the positivity until I am all pumped up to take on the world, however, if I don’t use a genuine loving approach, I can only go so far.

There was a time when I worried much about all kinds of things – career, money, knowledge, long to do lists, information, image … the list goes on and on.  One day, out of a series of unfortunate events, I realized that all it matter was how I dealt with that big four letter word during my existence – LOVE.  Now, I still care about those things, but in a loving way.

Shakespeare a Day 15

Othello and Desdemona, by Alexandre-Marie Colin

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“That death’s unnatural that kills for loving.” Othello, the Moor of Venice

Love, such a short and simple word, and so much goes into it.  Most things we do during our days on Earth we do for Love – for love of someone, of something, for love of money, for love of success, for love of the planet, of its people, for love of material things … Whether that Love is right or wrong, in our minds, we do it just for Love.  Crimes of passion are said to be committed out of Love – love that has sickened and crossed the line towards death.  Even the denial of oneself for the pleasing of the loved one, is out of love.  All is done in the name of Love.  Love is pure, a higher essence; in our humanity, or twisted humanity, we corrupt it.

Today, think of it – what do you love?  why do you love?

Shakespeare a Day 11

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“If music be the food of love, play on; give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”Twelfth Night or What You Will

The affairs of the heart –  Love.  Our actions – good or bad – revolve around it.  We die for love, do good deeds for love, suffer for love, live for love, and kill in the name of love.  Whether the concept of Love we have is right or wrong, or even a sick perception of it, many times, the result is a denial of the true essence of Love (as in the case of crimes of passion).

This month we are celebrating Love.  One of my favorite definitions of Love can be found at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. 

It goes like this – Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends; as for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

Shakespeare a Day 4

Laura Hope Crews and John Drew in "Much A...

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“Speak low, if you speak love.”  (Much Ado About Nothing)

This one certainly made me think.  Most times, when we are happily in love we want to scream it to the world.  We are so happy that we want to announce it.  Although, this is just a line that one of the characters was saying to another, and in tune with the scene, it makes you ponder a different meaning.

Sometimes, we are not so demonstrative of our love, but that does not diminish it.  We are “speaking low” the language of love.  Sometimes, a gentle and sweet demonstration of love and affection is just what we need.  Love has many frequencies.

For Better or for Worst … Love Needs to Be Shared

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For better or for worst, in sickness or in health, in good times and bad times … We are familiar with this sentence, at least if you are married or attended a wedding, saw one on TV, and do not live under a rock.  Love needs to be shared under all those conditions.  The divorce statistics may point to the contrary.

I don’t consider myself an eavesdropper, but I am amused by the conversations I get to listen to when I am waiting online, at a Dr.’s office, post office … Many times, you hear “the bashing of the love one,” – good title for a song.  Men or women, they all do it, they express their dissatisfaction with the love in their lives.  True or not, it is a matter of perspective for many – discounting abuse cases, of course.

The point is, we are sometimes quick to judge our loved ones.  Quick to request perfection, when what we are looking for is a companion who will take us seriously in good times and in bad times.  The following questions offer much insight.

  • Does he/she listens when you talk (when you truly talk)?
  • Does he/she cares, even when it doesn’t show?
  • Does he/she want to be with you forever?
  • Do you see the good in him/her?  Is is more than the flaws?
  • Did you once felt that the two of you could tackle everything, the world?
  • Do you feel tired?
  • Do you need to step back and look at the whole picture?
  • Do you believe?
  • Do you need to ask/answer these questions?

Sometimes, the answers can be found in the questions.

Doing Things Lovingly

Life has its ups and downs.  Many times we run through life at fast speeds in our effort to get things done.  After all, it is a society of doers, of achievers, and doing the opposite would attract some frowns and judging, right?  Doing is good, but sometimes, our doing becomes robotic, lifeless, dutiful, and boring.  We don’t enjoy the things we once did because they have turned into stale routine.  We go through life as “zombie doers” without realizing that the magic has left our hands, and our hearts wish for excitement in our endeavors.  However, maybe the magic is still there, and what happens is that we have stopped doing things lovingly.

Doing things with love and passion is in every one of us.  It is up to us to enjoy each moment and dedicate attention to the task at hand – no matter how menial it seems to be.  Washing dishes by hand can be transforming when you start feeling the soapy water, the fruity floral scent of the dishwashing liquid, and hear the squeaky sound of a clean dish.  Somehow, this menial task becomes alive, engaging all your senses.

This is what doing things lovingly means – to enjoy the task at the moment, or to pay full attention to it, to be mindful for the duration of it, and to be thankful that you can do.


To start the kick-off of Inkspeare Poetry Month I will post my latest poems.  I’m far from being a poet, and my poetry does not follow any rules.  So, think of it a freestyle poetry – if there is such a thing.  To view some of my poetry, please visit the tab Totally Inspired on this blog.

Writer’s Wisdom 61

Free Style Poetry

Poetry can take many shapes.  I am not a poet, but sometimes I feel inspired and have to write it down.  The poem does not follow any rules, it just comes out – it just is.  However, many think that you have to be in a certain mood or inspired in a particular way to write a poem.  I disagree.  I find that when I feel a “certain inspiration” – not sure how to describe it – I tend to write just poems.  They don’t follow a specific feeling, they could be as far to one another in that sense, but they do follow a theme – usually.  That is the way it is for me.  Other times, I could write about a love affair and next about taxes.  That is why I don’t call myself a poet – I don’t follow the rules of poetry.  If there would be such a thing, mine would be called “free style poetry.”

Check the Poetry section on this blog – Totally Inspired.

If you have never written a poem and sometimes feel the urge but think that you can’t write poetry, write it down anyway.  Let the inspiration flow, don’t think about it, write free style – embrace your Muse and let it out.