Writer’s Wisdom 89

What came first, the book or the movie?

Usually a book is written and the movie follows, but with The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, it was a different case.  In an interview with Borders, Nicholas Sparks said that he was writing the screenplay at the same time that he was writing the book.  They wanted to release the movie fast so he actually was writing the screenplay first.  I thought that was amazing, and it must have required so much on his part.  I wonder how many best-selling authors would be able to do that if asked.  In my humble opinion, even that it is the same story, there are such different environments, that the process of writing the book would be affected.  Obviously, this did not happen to him, and I admire him for being able to do this.  I am sure that his fans and the movie fans as well thank him for doing this.

So, what came first the book or the movie?  In the case of The Last Song, it seems that the movie came first.

Writer’s Wisdom 64

From Movie to Book

We have read the book, we loved it, and pray for it to become a movie.  It seems that more and more books, especially for young adults, are making it to the big screen.  I prefer to read a book first, then watch the movie.  Some people become inspired by a movie to read the book.  However it goes, one seems to complement the other – although some book lovers may disagree and say that a book stands for itself – and that is true.  Let’s say that they enhance each other and this relationship between book and movie makes good commercialism.

I have heard best-selling authors being interviewed about their involvement in the process of their book being made into a movie and their opinion is very similar.  Most love it, consider it an honor, and view it as a complete different process.  Some don’t want to be involved much in it, but enjoy having a little bit of input.  But most, if not all, agree that they want the integrity of the characters to remain true to the story – and I think that is what makes one to enhance the other in the relationship of book and movie.

We all enjoy to read a good story – in our heads we visualize it – but when the story becomes alive in the screen and special effects are added, our senses become alive – the icing on the cake.

Writer’s Wisdom 5

“It is a huge honor to have your book made into a movie; but, it is a totally different animal.”

I heard a best-selling author say this in an interview; I wish I remember who. Many best selling authors have had this honor.  This is one of the best things that can happen to you as a writer (besides being published for the first time).  Some writers are actively involved in the process, while others are completely disconnected, by choice.  Most of them agree that making a movie out of a book is a totally different animal, and that you should let the “movie makers” work their magic.  Others agree that the integrity of the story should be kept, they welcome instances where the magic of the movies has made the story dynamic, or a particular part, better.

For us fans of best selling authors, we can’t wait for the movie to be made.  We got a good taste of a good book and now, we wait for the dessert.