Writer’s Wisdom 5

“It is a huge honor to have your book made into a movie; but, it is a totally different animal.”

I heard a best-selling author say this in an interview; I wish I remember who. Many best selling authors have had this honor.  This is one of the best things that can happen to you as a writer (besides being published for the first time).  Some writers are actively involved in the process, while others are completely disconnected, by choice.  Most of them agree that making a movie out of a book is a totally different animal, and that you should let the “movie makers” work their magic.  Others agree that the integrity of the story should be kept, they welcome instances where the magic of the movies has made the story dynamic, or a particular part, better.

For us fans of best selling authors, we can’t wait for the movie to be made.  We got a good taste of a good book and now, we wait for the dessert.