Writer’s Wisdom 4

“The characters will take a life of their own; they will lead you, but you are in control.”

As you get deep into the story, each character will start interacting with you in its own way.  Sometimes, a character will refuse to do what you want them to do, and will suggest other ways.  It is up to you to listen to that character, feel what he/she is feeling, get a better understanding of where he/she is coming from.  Sometimes, characters will surprise you, they will step forward in the story, or they will stay back.  Sometimes, characters will help you in a story dilemma; you might be stuck with an issue, and suddenly, a character jumps out with the appropriate answer.  So, listen to your characters, talk to them.  However, you are still in control of the story.  You choose to accept or refuse their input, and you certainly have the last written word.