Watercolors Friday – Artistic Pirate

As part of today’s celebration, I have a treat for you, a visual treat that is.  We are celebrating the art of CGPirate, a blog that will blow your senses. There is something mesmerizing about the artist’s work, as well as captivating, intriguing, and well, awesome. The art that you will find here is full of the unexpected, and I love that.

One of my favorite pieces on the blog is this one called Where is the Boat, and you can see it here . Oddly, the absent of color dominates this one, compared to other work on the website that explodes with color. I love many of the artist’s pieces; his work is full of energy, color, and “suspended movement,” because I have no other phrase to describe it.

I invite you to check out CGPirate for a CG visual feast. It is truly wonderful. Enjoy!

Happy Watercolors Friday!

Celebrating Your Power to Say No – Watercolors Friday

I want to dedicate this Watercolors Friday to YOU.  To all that is YOU.  I hope that you think about that.  You are more than the sum of your parts – you are a special creation.  You are more than all your roles; you are more than all your labels, and you are more than all your thoughts and dreams together.  Together … to be.  All the possibilities that your being – your creation – gives you.  I hope that you celebrate yourself today; I know that it is not easy to do this sometimes.  Many times, we forget to celebrate ourselves because we are too busy celebrating others – or what others want in our lives.  Sometimes, we do not want the same things, but we are afraid of saying NO.

It is easier to say YES than to say NO.  It take guts to say NO because we are afraid of what others will think of us – and that is pretty much it, we care too much about what others “will think” or “feel” and we end up forgetting about our feelings, wants, and needs.  We stop celebrating ourselves.  At extreme, we end up living unhappy lives, lives that belong to others.

Saying NO doesn’t come easy; it takes time and training/practice.  I remember the first time I learned to say NO and being conscious of it – as a decision.  I was two and a half (my memories start at that age).  My Mom wanted me to play with two little girls that lived across from us (by the way, we lived in a haunted house – no kidding here).  I hated to play with them because they would not let me play with their toys – they wanted me to sit and watch only.  One day, I had it.  I waited until their Mom came to ask my Mom to let me go and play.  I waited until they started playing with their beautiful plastic horses – tons of them.  I wanted to play with a light caramel  horse.  I reached to grab it, and they took it away from me.  That instant it clicked (I remember the moment like it was now) – I swiped my hand across all their horses and scattered them all over the living room – then, I could not stop doing it, and horses of all colors and sizes flew up on the air.  I was free. I said NO.  The girls started crying, and their mom took me home.  That was the last time I had to go there; I was happy.

Over the years, I stopped saying NO and learned to say YES more often, until another dramatic day … It was like that for me for most of the time until I grew up and later in life, much, much later, I understood that I did not have to say Yes, when all I wanted was to say NO.  That is when I started celebrating myself.  Today, I am confident saying NO when I mean to say it, and that is when saying YES will make me unhappy.  It is better to say NO than say Yes and do what it is that you said yes to with an unhappy and unloving feeling, or doing it half-way, with no passion, or to do a crappy job at it – just because NO was what you were supposed to say.  That only disrespects the other person, who is counting on you.

There are many times that we will have to say Yes when we rather say NO; however, this happens because we truly want to help someone – and that is honorable.  However, it is when we prolong the Yes, and it starts affecting our happiness that it matters to say NO.

Happy Watercolors Friday! Celebrate YOU!


I will be giving away three copies of Ramblings of the Spirit, the first book of the trilogy The Dinorah Chronicles.  To enter for a chance to win one of the three copies, just like my Facebook page (link at the right of the screen on this blog) and that is all you have to do.  I will announce the three winners on May 20, which is the birth date of the person to whom I have dedicated this book – my maternal grandmother.

Celebrating Anne Rymer BOOCRAFT – Watercolors Friday


Today I am very happy to dedicate our celebration to a very special Artist – Anne Rymer.  Anne is also the owner of BOOCRAFT, and she resides in Cornwall, UK.  I love her paintings and I have acquired some of them.  Her watercolors are full of magic, happy days, and I totally love the unexpected whimsical details in them, as well as the colors she uses.  One of the things I love about her paintings is that there is always movement in her subjects and landscapes – from cats and witches, to country folk, to seaside and rivers … Her inspiration is the rich history of the lovely Cornwall, a place that seems magical.  Her favorite poem is “Warning” by Jenny Joseph.  Instead of me telling you her story, I will share with you what she has to say,

“Cornwall is my inspiration. Through my artist’s eye I try to portray the magical atmosphere of this beautiful part of England.  A lady from America wrote to me that she wished she could live in one of my paintings!  I suppose that is how I feel when I’m being creative, I go into the picture completely and It is an alternative world!

My home is so high up the buzzards fly past level with my window! This is where I paint, in my studio that overlooks the beautiful Tamar valley.  There is an old church in the middle distance and patchworks of fields and ancient woodlands that stretch across the valley. Through this the River Tamar winds its way past Morwellham Quay, this is where the “Edwardian Farm” was filmed last year.

I am forever bringing home hurt little creatures.  I even once had a large raven with a damaged wing, which eventually flew away.  It stayed with me quite happily while it recovered.  I think they must know they can trust folk like us.” Anne Rymer

I want to share with you pictures of some of the paintings I acquired from the Artist.  If you want to see more of her work, you may visit her shop BOOCRAFT.






I thank Anne Rymer for her time, and for being my guest today.

Happy Watercolors Friday everyone! I hope that you enjoyed today’s celebration, and please, take a little time to view more of her awesome art. – it is mesmerizing 🙂

Note: Anne’s shop will be shut from next Sunday May 5th until Monday May 13th.

Book Pricing – A True Mystery

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de...

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Book pricing has always baffled me, and with the introduction of eBooks, now more than ever.  To illustrate this, let me compare a novel, which undergoes a creative process that can last months or years, to a painting, or to a magnificent cake, both creations by artists, but creations that take less time to complete.  For example, many paintings start over $100 and reach the thousands in price – famous paintings, millions.  An elaborate cake can reach hundreds and thousands in price, and it is consumed in no time at all, and it ceases to exist.  The painting, an original will last many lifetimes, and most likely will appraise in value.  Considering these examples, and all the labor that goes into making a novel – whether the story is published as a hard copy or an eBook – why is it that we allow it to sell for 99 cents, offer it for free, or price it so low?

What makes a painting or a cake more valuable than your novel, your story?  I don’t know the answer to that question, but it may have something to do with supply and demand in some way, or the fact that people will collect original art, eat cake, and only pay big bucks for first editions of a famous author.  It is one of those things that do not make sense when you think about it from the creative process aspect.  This is why college textbooks sell for more money, hundreds.  It has to do with buyer’s purpose/need (and who knows, maybe buyer’s remorse as well).  Some novels have change the world, have touched lives, but once the cake has been eaten, and the painting hanged, the writer is left with royalties, and the satisfaction of touching (at least) the life of one reader (or more).

Still, it boils my blood to see a novel selling for 99 cents, when it may have taken many years in the creation process.  Here, the conventional rules of pricing do not apply.

What do you think about this issue?


I have been in the painting mood and decided to try art this morning.  The rule, to paint whatever came to mind.  One of the paintings is called “I want an iPhone”  and was probably inspired by today’s news.  The other painting, might have been as well.  Here are pictures of both.

“I want an iPhone”  watercolor

“Not a Paintball Game”  watercolor


Here are a few, which I painted at the beginning of the week.


“Moonlight Dreams”  another watercolor inspired by my companion of 20 years – Misty.

I think I was thinking of her when I painted these too – “Tis’ a Hallow Night” and “Sweet Dreams are Made of Mice” although I was looking at Piewackett when I painted the second one.


“Tis’ a Hallow Night”  watercolor and pen



“Sweet Dreams are Made of Mice”  watercolor and pen


This one just came to me, “The Grass is Greener”

“The Grass is Greener” watercolor and pen


I decided to paint the farmhouse as we discovered it, the first time – a dilapidated old giant with foliage growing all over, broken windows, doors, steps, concrete, and a no trespassing sign.  I will hang this painting in the living room once we complete the restoration.

“Old Giant” watercolor


And of course, I found the best way to stretch a watercolor painting.  Here it is.

How to stretch a watercolor “the cat method.”  Muni Mu doing her duties as painting stretcher.

  1. Slightly, wet the back of the dry painting.
  2. Place a towel underneath, a mat, and place a cat on top.  The weight and heat will do the job.

Some of my paintings are available at The Owl, Book and Candle