Writer’s Wisdom 2

Accept Rejection

As hard as it sounds, this is part of being a writer.  No one likes rejection, but in the end, it can only make you better, that is, if you embrace it instead of letting it affect your self esteem and work.  By looking for honest feedback on rejections, you will grow in your craft, resulting in more doors to open for you.  So, look at rejections as something that can help you, in a positive way.  When feedback is denied or very unclear, then it is time to ask yourself, am I wasting my time with this individual?  Time is precious, especially for writers.  A minute waste is an idea gone.  So, don’t waste your time back and forth with someone who won’t give you clear and specific critique about your work.  Your goal is to get better at writing, and that can only be done by accepting rejection, listening to honest critique and improving your work.

Rejection will only make you grow; will only make you better .