Writer’s Wisdom 7

Love of the craft – write, write, write.

Some best selling authors seemed to have writing in the back-burner, and somehow, fell into it as if by chance or destiny; others, did not even know if they were any good.  But one thing they have in common is that they write, write, write.  They have a discipline about writing, and they love writing.  It is their passion, as if a birthright.  However you feel about writing, if you want to become good at it, then you have to be disciplined about your writing and give it a serious place in your life.  There are many inspiring bios of best selling authors.  You may want to check out Stephenie Meyer, Janet Evanovich, Lalita Tademy, and Sara Grwen.  They had their very unique start in writing, and they will inspire you.

So, pick up your pen, wake up your PC, and write, write, write.

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