Writer’s Wisdom 6

“Pick a genre and stick with it, at least at the beginning.”

For those who are planning on making a career out of writing, this is sound advice.  At the beginning, the excitement and inspiration is high, the ideas are floating everywhere, and you feel that you can write hundreds of books in different genres.  You may be able to, but you have to focus your writing.  Read best selling authors in different genres and have a feel for the genre that you identify with the most.  Stick with that genre and start writing.  Write everyday.  Once your first manuscript is finished, send your queries and keep writing.  If you get published, you will start establishing yourself in that genre, and then, later in your career, you may decide if you want to try other genres.  At the beginning of your writer’s career your efforts and focus should not be spread around.  You have a story to tell, and in the future, many readers that will want some more.  So, pick a genre and write, write, write.