Writer’s Wisdom 9

“Inspiration is all around you.”

 When your ink well is running dry, look around you; you will find inspiration in the oddest of places.  Best selling authors are aware of this and practice it all the time.  Some observe and listen for ideas, others have dreams, others write about what they know; some use ideas that are already out, but modify them into a different story.  Caution should be exercised with this last one, as you have to be careful with copyrights – a lawyer should be handling these details – this applies in the case of modifying a story that has already been written, for example “A Lion Among Men” by Gregory Maguire, which is a different view of The Wizard of Oz. 

Sara Grwen saw a picture of a vintage circus, and that instance, she knew she would write a story about that (Water for Elephants), even when she had started a complete different story.  Christopher Paolini wrote about what he always wanted to read about, but there was just not enough of it around (Besinger).  Jody Picoult says that ideas come from all over the place.  For her, usually about an issue that she doesn’t have the answer to.

So, however you want to connect with your muse, inspiration is all around you, just be aware, or alert to your muse’s call.