Writer’s Wisdom 10

“Have fun in the process.”

Best selling authors seem to agree on this one; you should enjoy the process of writing and have fun with it.  Some of them seem easy going, or go with the flow, others more uptight, with a more serious or solemn personality; but whatever their personal style might be, they all seem to have fun in the process.  They love writing and they have fun doing it.

Best selling authors are under the pressure of many deadlines, and deadlines can take the fun out of anything.  That is why having fun in the process is so important – it will lighten and refresh you, resulting in better writing and better use of time (since you don’t want to waste time stressing over the inevitable deadline).  It will contribute, in the end, to the flow of your pen (or your keyboard).

So, if writing is your passion, your dream, or your bread and butter, remember to have fun in the process.  No one wants a “crabby muse.”