Writer’s Wisdom 11

“The book inside your head”

“You have to live with the book in your head all the time, even when living your normal daily routine.”– Michael Chabon (on an interview with Borders)

When you are writing a book, besides living with your family, you are living with your characters – in another dimension.  “Your characters will pop up like mushrooms” (to quote Jody Picoult), and you better listen to what they have to say.  Daily living circumstances can give you ideas for your plot.  An interesting woman/man at the supermarket can become part of your book, a conversation, an incident …

Some writers go away for a week or two to write; Michael Chabon is an example.  If you have an extremely busy or complicated life, and going away is not an alternative, then be mindful of your book.  Be on the look, aware of what surrounds you, who and what you see, and the sounds you hear – engage your senses.  Live with your book, with your characters.  Talk to them, you’ll be surprised at how many times, they will come up with an answer – just the right one, when you were struggling with it.  Feel the magic all around you.  Be mindful of your writing!