My review of Grit for the Oyster

Grit for the Oyster by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Debora M. Coty, Faith Tibbetts McDonald, and Joanna Bloss.

This is a must read for any aspiring author/writer.  The book is a perfect blend of inspiration, advice, pick me up, and knowledge.   Loved it.  Also a fast read.  The way it was written – in four sections divided in small themes -is perfect for picking it up at any time, to continue reading it, or for inspiration.  

Although it has a christian base, the lessons here apply to any writer pursuing the craft.  If you happen to be christian, it is a double blessing because you get a second knowledge from it.  I recommend this book to every aspiring writer.  Leave it at your work desk (for reference) after you read it one time.  Keep it next to you, I assure you that you will go back for more.