The Warmth of Wood

This is the perfect time of the year to tackle some final projects around the farmhouse. There’s a chill in the air but it is not too cold and most of the insects have gone to rest. We have been busy cleaning up the premises and cutting out some trees. My husband decided he wanted to tackle the Monster Tree and the remainders of The Old Tree. Those were two projects that had been waiting for a while. The cleaned good wood from those trees will be put at the entrance of our driveway so people who need it can use it this winter. Free wood is always on demand around here. It will do good for sure, especially now that the price of a cord of wood is going up. My husband cut it down to a good size so it can be cut into pieces much easier. I am glad these projects are almost done, just a few more big logs left to downsize. The warmth of wood is the best heat. I am not a fan of forced air heating, although this type of heating is very convenient. A pellet stove is the closest thing to a warm fire, and that is what we use; however, we are planning to install a small wood stove in the near future. At this time of the year, things seem to slow down around here. It is a good time for reflection and planning. One looks towards the next year with renewed strength, hope, and certainly faith. In the meantime, we will continue to catch up with some outdoor projects before the coldest weather arrives, and plan for other projects next year.

Getting rid of the Monster Tree is bittersweet. Many birds landed here, and I was able to see them through the kitchen window; however, the tree was dead, covered in honeysuckle, which I loved to look at, and I also enjoyed its scent through the kitchen window. It also had poison ivy growing through it. I knew it had to go, but it was here where I saw my first mixed flock of birds, a wonderful experience and sight.

The Old Tree was downsized at the beginning of this year by a professional crew. It was a threat to the house due to its proximity, and it was showing signs of decay. It is a very old tree, an old giant that refused to give up. I thought of it as a beautiful tree; however, it was bringing too many insects to the side entrance, and it was showing signs of disease and root damage. After we downsized it, the tree sprouted new branches right away, which by now were reaching new heights, so my husband decided to cut it down. I will miss it.

The cleaned-up wood from those trees is up for grabs. Their last contribution.

As this year’s projects wrap up, so does this year, and I want to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting this blog, as this will be my last blogpost for the season.

I wish you all a beautiful Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas full of love, joy, and many blessings. May the New Year be one of the best for you and yours. May God bless you.