Writer’s Wisdom 24

How do you write?

Best selling author Nora Roberts shared her method to writing in an interview with Borders.

Quote:  “Well, first: There ain’t no muse. If you sit around and wait to channel the muse, you can sit around and wait a long time.” 

She believes that writing is hard work; she works really hard to make her writing “as fluid as possible, as readable and entertaining as possible.”  She writes the first draft, without editing, because according to her, she doesn’t know yet what will happen next.  Once she has down her story, she starts editing, page by page, chapter by chapter.  She pays attention to how it sounds, mistakes, emotion, and adds anything that she needs to.  Once she’s done, she goes back one more time and pays attention to language, rhythm, and that all loose ends are tied.  She makes sure that she has “been true to the story.” 

This is how magic happens to best selling author Nora Roberts.  But there is a method to her magic.  

Today my question to you is:  Are you following your own magic?   

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