Writer’s Wisdom 37

The Why

There are many freelance writers and aspiring authors out there, but why do you write?  Have you ever ask yourself the question?  Do you write because is your passion?  Do you write to blow some steam off? Or maybe, to make a couple bucks online?  Maybe you feel it is something more, something that you have to do – your destiny.

Whatever your reason for writing, it must be clear to you.  Why?  Because it permeates your pages, and your readers can tell if you are serious about your writing, passionate, or just making the quick buck.  There is much writing out there that seems careless, quick, and typed in a hurry.  If you write SEO content, volume counts, but readers care about how the information is presented.

When you know your why for writing, a clear purpose translates into a better written piece.  And eventually, faithful readers who appreciate a well presented article or story.  So, if you have never asked yourself the question: “Why do I write?” –  think about it.  Maybe, the answer will surprise you.