Writer’s Wisdom 38

Writing your heart out

A writer’s journey is a long and lonely one.  Lonely, because of the long hours in solitary writing.  Most best-selling authors love the time they spend at book signings because they crave the social aspect of it.  Alone with your pen or computer, your mind starts running in many directions, and many times, you end up pondering your writing skills – more like questioning your writing skills.

Doubt will creep out, especially when you spend so many hours by yourself, writing.  And if you top it with handling rejections and the slow process of making money with the craft, your writer’s confidence can take a dip.  When you end up on the valley of doubt, don’t entertain those thoughts; instead, focus on the task at hand and repeat to yourself:  “I am a writer for the long run.”

A question that helps take the pressure off is:  “Who do I write for?”  When you answer the question honestly you may end up feeling relief.  For example, first, I write for my Creator, and the giver of all good things and talents.  Second, I write from the heart out, and for myself.  Third, I share my writing with readers, and appreciate any interest that they might have.

Taking this approach has helped me be less critical, patient, and a bit more focus with my writing.  I am a writer for the long run.