Writer’s Wisdom 39

Learning from the best

As aspiring authors it is important to learn as much as we can about the craft.  There are many books about writing, genres, and writing tips.  The best source is to learn from best-selling authors who have walked the path.  With the technology these days, this is easy to do.  There are many interviews of best-selling authors in You tube and in book stores.  These interviews are full of great real tips and ideas from these authors.

Another way is to visit their websites, which are full of insights to the craft and many interesting and useful tips.  Many authors have frequently asked questions sections on their sites, which are a big help for an aspiring writer.  Many have written books on the subject, according to their own writing experience and journey.  A book that I recommend is:  How I write, by Janet Evanovich.  It is full of very important and useful information – worth every penny.

If you are serious about your writing, start learning from the best.  Take it a step further and not only read their books, but visit their sites and listen to interviews; or if you have the opportunity, go to their book signings.