Write it Down – Now!

Hesiod and the Muse

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During the weekend, my husband and I were driving towards an antique market.  The radio was playing Country music and the drive was smooth.  We would comment about a few things we saw on the road, from time to time.  Suddenly, I felt the urge to write.  You know, that nagging command in your mind that screams loud – WRITE!  I always carry a small notebook with me, just in case inspiration strikes.  I have found that when this happens, if I don’t write it down at the moment, it is gone forever.  I am not able to recreate it later.  I listened to my muse and this is what I wrote – a poem.

Ageless Soul

To have a young soul in an old body,

Oh, what is this punishment,

but to be trapped in this decaying shell,

withering to the whims of the body

and wishing the youth of once fresh life.

Is it the punishment of creation or the wisdom of the ages?

Either or it is but and arrow that pierces the flesh and numbs the heart.


Now, don’t ask me why, I just wrote what was given to me at the moment.  After I wrote it down fast, I put the notebook back in my handbag and continued the pleasant drive to the market.  The muse did not show up again that day.  Sometimes I wonder …