Kreativ Blogger Award


Thanks to Marc Schuster for giving me a Kreativ Blogger award! Per the rules of the award, here are six blogs that I think deserve this award (and not in any particular order) followed by ten things you (probably) don’t know about me.

1. The Jittery Goat

2. Rosekate

3. Dr. Tom Bibey

4. Living Life in Glorious Colour

5. The Short and the Long of It

6. Courage 2 Create


Ten things you probably don’t know about me

1. I love ferrets

2. My favorite foods in a deserted Island would be – Pizza, M&M’s, Cheesecake.

3. I love Zero bars.

4. In my dreams, I am a Vampire Slayer and I never die.

5. I love to wash dishes by hand and smell the aroma of the bubbly and soapy water.

6. My favorite book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull

7. If I’m digging in dirt and accidentally dig up a worm, I will make a hole further away and put the worm in it so she is safe.  I also apologise to it.

8. I grew up in a tropical island but I can’t swim.

9. I love bats.

10. I keep a neat environment.  Messes drive me nuts.


2 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Of course I like it. Thanks for mentioning my blog site in such a positive way. I love Zeros too, but have not had one in years. I don’t like bats or ferrets; until that I thought you were normal. Four is a bit strange too, but it’s your dream.

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