Watercolors Friday – On Writing

On Writing

On Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorite writing websites, and to celebrate the book that I think made the most sense on learning about writing. That book is On Writing by Stephen King. To me, it is the best book I have read on the topic. Why is that? I feel that way because,

  • The approach is simple, honest, sincere, and experienced, and as it promises, it goes to the point, bypassing the bullshit – at least that is the vibe I got.
  • It shows you besides telling you.
  • It gives you hope.
  • It scares you.
  • It motivates you.
  • It takes you to a different level of understanding of the craft.
  • It is unlike all the other writing books I have read.
  • It puzzled me, and “un-puzzled” me.
  • It does not preach what it does not know.
  • It shows you the complexity and simplicity of writing via the author’s experience and the examples he gives to illustrate some points.
  • Stephen King wrote it.

I recommend this book to every aspiring writer and every writer, even if you have a few novels published. It takes you to a different writing reality.

Now, let me share a few author/writing websites that I like, and have found very helpful.  Some I may have mentioned on earlier posts.

These are just a few of the sites I enjoy and find very helpful/informative to aspiring writers. Today we celebrate Stephen King, and these awesome sites.

Happy Watercolors Friday everyone!